The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music was founded in 2007 by Jason and Sherry Gittinger. Opened in 2008, the school has quickly become one of the “jewels” of Metro Detroit, providing enrichment for students young and old, mentorship for teenagers, and entertainment for communities all over the region. In 2010 their Summer Rocks! program expanded to include a summer tour each year to cities all over the country, making the school’s impact even greater.

Having two daughters of their own, Jason and Sherry know what it’s like to need positive mentors for their children’s passions and work tirelessly to make sure that the students in their care are motivated and challenged to become better musicians and people. As their girls roam the building on the average weeknight, older students are asked for piggy back rides and younger students are asked to play with them in their practice room, creating a family friendly environment second to none.

Jason commits a great deal of time outside the school volunteering time to improve the community. He sits on the Board of Directors for the Royal Oak Chamber of Commerce, he is the president of the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts, and he volunteers his time with the Live the Music Foundation, helping to raise scholarships and equipment grants for students and to promote the inclusion of live music events in the community.

Sherry Gittinger has enough energy to power a small fleet of motor vehicles. It’s a fuel that burns full-throttle, ignited by the heat of her soulful voice and the power and passion of her performance. Born and raised in Warren, Michigan she began singing at age 4 giving “backyard recitals” for anyone who would listen. By high school, she was an accomplished vocalist with many division I and division II ratings under her belt at annual Solo and Ensemble Festivals. She went on to study vocal music at Oakland University where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Music.

A bundle of positive energy, Sherry has a reputation for the utmost professionalism, quality, and musical diversity. Her professional vocal pursuits are a musical potpourri and include everything from theater in shows such as Bye Bye Birdie, A Chorus Line, and Little Shop of Horrors, to show choir and vocal jazz ensembles along with a big band, to singing in live shows at Cedar Point Amusement Park and performing in various wedding bands. She has performed with recording artists such as Johnny Preston, Dickie Lee, and Little Eva. Sherry is also a “go-to” session singer for local recording artists in the Detroit area and is very comfortable in the recording studio.

They live in Royal Oak, Michigan.


Here’s a song that Jason and Sherry wrote for their daughters, and the students of the DSRP.


Andrew Schuster:
Andrew is a native of Royal Oak. Growing up in the city, he was keen to listen to and participate in many musical groups and activities. After high school, Andrew ventured to the east coast where he studied and received a degree in Audio Engineering at the University of New Haven in New Haven Connecticut.


Andrew began his tenure at The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music in the summer of 2008. Starting as an intern, Andrew proved his knowledge and expertise quickly and grew into a role of assistant to Executive Producer Jason Gittinger; which means being the man who knows everything! From engineering recording projects, managing all of the equipment, shooting and editing music videos and producing live events; Andrew is an indispensable part of the team. Whenever anyone has a question involving getting something done, they ask Andrew.