Access to Superstars®


Motivation and Inspiration

Through our Access to Superstars® programs, our goal is to give young and motivated students access to experienced and professional musicians. Through the process, they are motivated, excited, and learn that through attention to detail, persistence, and a community spirit anything is possible.

The program provides motivation for people to stick with the tough work of learning music by allowing them to see the process that some of the most successful people in music have had to go through to achieve their successes. The insight gained in the process is invaluable for the students and professionals alike.

Access to Superstars® activities are generally free for registered students and have included:

– Clinics (On Campus and Off)

– Summer Rocks! Field Trips to professional recording studios. (Past trips have included Motown, 54 Sound, Ozone Music and Sound, Stax Music Academy in Memphis, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Columbia University in Chicago and many others others.)

– Visits from regional and national touring musicians. We have hosted many professional musician visitors over the years.


Pictured above from left to right, top to bottom: Jan Kuehnemund (Vixen), Kris and Ginger Pooley (Glee Tour, Gwen Stefani, Smashing Pumpkins), The Motor City Horns (Bob Seger, Justin Timberlake, Yo Yo Ma), Larry Fratangelo (Kid Rock, Aretha Franklin, Parliament Funkadelic), Robert Breithaupt (Capital University, Columbus Jazz Orchestra, Sandy Duncan), Luis Resto (Eminem, 50 Cent, Was Not Was, Patti Smith), DJ Invisible (Xzibit, Afro-Flow)

The DSRP Access to Superstars® Podcast – Presented in a long-form interview format, listeners can glean tons of insight and knowledge from some of the region’s best and brightest talents.